The Dixieland Fun Band

DOUGIE WRIGHT - Former leading session drummer played on over 70 hit records through the 1960's and 70's in London, including Hi Ho Silver Lining, Je T'Aime, World Without Love, Make it Easy on Yourself, Beautiful Sunday, My Coo Ca Choo, What do you Want and records by Cilla Black, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, The Wurzels, Pet Clark and many more international artists. He is now returning to his roots in Jazz and having fun by providing percussion sounds in this band which he feels sure is quite unique in style and appearance and enjoyed by people of all ages who like to tap their fidgety feet and enjoy fun music.
MEL THORPE - Soprano Saxaphone With 17 years professional experience as a musician, Mel has appeared at every major jazz festival in the U.K. He has toured extensively throughout Europe with such bands as New York and the Anglo-Norwegian Blues Union. He has appeared on TV in the U.K. and in Germany and has worked with leading British and American jazz musicians. His performances on albums by the New York band and Groove Juice Special have received critical acclaim. He has played with the Police (not with Sting, but the local bobby band !).
MIKE ROBINSON - Banjo The fretboard wizard of Spalding Equipped with a degree in Rubber Technology & the invaluable experience of waterproofing the Forth Bridge, Mike has developed his curiously distorted outlook on life while playing guitar on an interminable nationwide tour with Rod Hull & Emu in the 1980's. Escape to sea on the QE2 in '91 brought little solace, and hopes of rehabilitation were fading when a series of chance meetings with the other three feet introduced him to the delights of the banjo. Since then his technique has become the stuff of legend; "Good isn't the word", "Incomparable", "Brought tears to my eyes" How does Mike himself describe the sensous experience of playing this, his chosen second instrument, in Fidgety Feet? "Like breaking rocks!" Says it all really.
STEVE NUTTER - Tuba (and other things best left unmentioned) Steve, the baby of the band, started playing the Harmonica at the age of 3 and guitar at the age of 6. He has toured extensivley through Europe, backing such as artists as the late Godfather of Ska "Laurel Aitken". He has since worked in many fields (and farmyards!) as a performer, musician and Sound Engineer. He is renowned as a Producer, having recorded many musicians from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. He is a true multi-instrumentalist including the Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Double Bass, Piano, Drums, Didgeridoo and, of course, the Tuba.As a child, Steve regularly performed as a One Boy Band, highlights of this endeavour include appearances on Tyne Tees TV's "Madabout", TV AM and Saturday SuperStore. When it comes to Fidgety Feet Steve says "Great Fun" and "Gotta get a younger band!"